May 3, 2017

Smart Stripes

Zara Top (similar options below) | Zara Trousers | Lindex Sunglasses (similar) | Zara Heels (similar here & here)

This is one of my favourite looks recently. I wore it to a classical concert held in a castle in Lower Austria. You may have noticed, I really love a good striped top. They tend to be quite versatile, especially when the fabric and cut are good. I also have been gravitating more towards wearing trousers rather than just jeans with everything. 

I have linked some similar top options from Zara which would all work with these trousers and a pair of heels. This one is from last year, but there are some really stunning new pieces. It's definitely one of the dangers of blogging, because when I search for similar items to link I end up finding so many cute things I want/need!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

The weather has started warming up, although this week it is scheduled to mostly rain. Last weekend I visited Zilina, a town in the centre of Slovakia. Now, that I am finishing up my veterinary studies, it's nice to explore some of the area I have lived in before I move again. 

April 25, 2017

Rainy Days

Haglofs Jacket (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar) | CCC Boots (similar)

Don't you hate those rainy days where your hair ends up frizzy and most outfits just don't look cute? This look was on a particularly dreary day, but it wasn't bucketing, mostly just drizzling. The kind of weather I had better get used to if I am to move back to the UK soon. I opted for a high ponytail (to keep the frizziness at bay) along with a rain jacket and added a heeled over the knee boot to elevate the look somewhat. Probably not practical in a downpour, but this was just the weather for it. 

This week back at university has been pretty relaxed, it seems my last month of lessons will not be too stressful, and I just have one exam left! I just hope the weather improves so I can actually go out and enjoy some of this free time, because I know I won't have any once I start work. 

April 18, 2017

Two Tone Denim

Mango Jeans | Top (similar options below) | Asos Flats (similar) | Zara Bag (similar) | Esprit Coat (similar) | Zara Sandals (similar) | Lindex Sunglasses (similar)

These jeans have become a new favourite of mine. Ever since skinny jeans came out I have refused to try any other styles, and the boyfriend jeans were never going to work for me. However, now there are more flattering varieties of the so called boyfriend/girlfriend jean. These also happen to be the comfiest, even when after eating all those Easter eggs. Ruffled striped tops are also very in right now, and I wish I could fill my wardrobe with them, but I suppose that would be overkill. I have linked a few below, because there were too many and unfortunately none similar enough to this particular one. 

April 11, 2017

Chocolate Shirt

Shirt (similar) | Mango Jeans | Zara Heels (similar style)

This past week has been really nice, as I have mostly been at home or catching up with friends and family. I'm hoping to get a trip to Vienna in at some point, but with Easter around the corner I don't know if it will happen. My plan for today however is to pick up this bag at Zara when I head into Bratislava for the afternoon. I think she will be perfect for summer :)

April 4, 2017

Grey Chic

Zara Coat (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Zara Heels (similar) | Sunglasses (similar

This is such an effortless chic kind of look, and fits me perfectly. I love to be able to throw on something with a good cut and add some heels and sunglasses to complete an outfit. 

In other news, my small animal exam is done! I still can't quite believe I am almost done with veterinary school and have started applying for jobs. It's so scary, but also incredibly exciting. I had to take time off from the blog as the exam got nearer, but I am looking forward to shooting some looks, especially as the weather starts to warm up. I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week. My plan is to take it easy for a few weeks, and mostly enjoy being back home in Austria.

March 7, 2017


Handmade Jumper (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar) | Hunter Wellies | Fjallraven Bag/Backpack | Sunglasses (similar

One of my good friends made this beautiful typical Norwegian jumper. I mean, she actually knitted it start to finish! I asked her if she had any cool jumpers to borrow and share on the blog, and genuinely thought this was from a shop. Also, if you know any Norwegian students (or not students) they probably own this bag. It's a really practical lightweight piece, and I really like how you can use it as a backpack or a bag. 

How has your weekend been? I went for drinks Friday evening and then to brunch with my friend (who shot these photos, thank you! :)). Avocado bread and pancakes are basically mandatory when your entire existence is revolving around revision and finalising (finally!) my dissertation. I have the nicest friends, also last weeks outfit was shot by another good friend on a brunch visit too! This week I am back for lessons, so it will be another busy one!