March 7, 2017


Handmade Jumper (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar) | Hunter Wellies | Fjallraven Bag/Backpack | Sunglasses (similar

One of my good friends made this beautiful typical Norwegian jumper. I mean, she actually knitted it start to finish! I asked her if she had any cool jumpers to borrow and share on the blog, and genuinely thought this was from a shop. Also, if you know any Norwegian students (or not students) they probably own this bag. It's a really practical lightweight piece, and I really like how you can use it as a backpack or a bag. 

How has your weekend been? I went for drinks Friday evening and then to brunch with my friend (who shot these photos, thank you! :)). Avocado bread and pancakes are basically mandatory when your entire existence is revolving around revision and finalising (finally!) my dissertation. I have the nicest friends, also last weeks outfit was shot by another good friend on a brunch visit too! This week I am back for lessons, so it will be another busy one!

February 28, 2017

Belted Fur

Zara Faux Fur (similar) | Mango Belt (similar) | H&M Boots (this year's version) | Mango Jeans (similar) | Zara Bag (similar) | Lindex Top (similar)

This was the perfect outfit to transition slowly into slightly (and I mean slightly!) less cold weather. I wore it to brunch and it was very cosy and comfortable while still feeling very put together. Effortless chic would be my definition of this. Sometimes I feel a faux fur vest can make you look a bit chunky, so the belt gave me back my waist and made the outfit more interesting. 

Last week was spent at the surgery clinic. This week I am mostly studying at home with a friend. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little more this week (#notamorningperson). I averaged 5 hours of sleep every night last week. That is vet school for you, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I hope you are having a lovely week :).

February 21, 2017

Final Semester Life

Zara Top (similar) | Mango Shorts (similar) | Asos Loafers (very similar!) | Zara Bag (similar) | Scarf (similar)

The lace trend is one of my favourites, especially in sheer. I think it mixes an extremely feminine style with a slightly sexier and edgier one. It modernises it, if you will. Also, how cute is the wooden house in the background? So Austrian :)

Yesterday was the longest day I have had in a really long time. When I say long, I didn't get a moment to myself until around 10pm last night. University started back for  me, for the very last time, which is crazy to even imagine. My very last semester, and it's by far going to be the hardest of my life, as I prepare for the biggest exam. However, it's also exciting. I am getting to really get in on surgeries and experience the clinic life with a lot more freedom to practice.

It has been hard not to jump on that stress wagon, but I have been sticking religiously to a study schedule. It's what keeps me from panicking, because I am doing everything to plan. It's definitely what works for me, and it took a long time to figure out through trial and error. There really is nothing more to life right now than studying and school, but it's not half as bad as it could be. The cold, slushy weather has helped being inside and just creating a cosy environment at home to work in.

Sorry this is a bit long, I just wanted to share how things are, even if they aren't too exciting!