December 6, 2016

Skirts and Boots in Winter

Zara Shirt (similar) | H&M Skirt (love this one!) | H&M OTK Socks (similar) | Michael Kors Bag | Faux Fur Stole (similar) | H&M OTK Boots (this year's version)

This outfit is one of my favourites for Autumn/Winter. It's currently too cold to wear this now without tights, which is sad, but maybe some of you are in slightly less arctic areas. The over the knee socks not only add something to the outfit, they also do a really good job at adding extra warmth. I have just loved wearing skirts lately, and paired with a black shirt and some faux fur for texture always works. 

My exam is tomorrow, and I really want it to be over so I can leave my apartment and have a life again. I will also be heading back home soon, which I can't wait, since this time I haven't been back since this school year started. I am very much looking forward to spending some time in Vienna as the Christmas season gets closer!

Have a great week, and thanks for reading!

November 29, 2016

Business Casual

New Yorker Coat (similar) | Zara Top (similar) | Zara Trousers (similar) | H&M Sunglasses (similar) | Michael Kors Bag | Zara Heels (very similar

Don't you just love an empowering outfit? This is how I would choose to dress everyday if I could, and if I had a job which allowed for it. It's very girl boss I think. It's also fun to dress things up a bit without going overboard if you don't actually have somewhere very smart to go to. I think a pair of suit trousers with heels will always look smart. You may know how much I love sunglasses at this point, but how cool are these round ones, which add an interesting element to an otherwise more formal outfit. 

This week will be spent mostly on my sofa, studying. Definitely not the most exciting, but I'm looking forward to getting this exam out of the way and then having a really long Christmas break. Then I can also really start to get into the Christmas spirit, but until then I will be reading all about pig diseases over and over and over. 

November 22, 2016

Lavender: Incorporating the Slip Dress Trend

Boohoo Dress | Zara Shirt (similar) | Thermal Tights (similar) | Michael Kors Bag | Zara Heels (similar

This is one of those looks that just came to me whilst trying on literally half my wardrobe. This past weekend my friend was kind enough to shoot some outfits, since we have another exam coming up in a couple of weeks. I love this dress, but clearly it's not the season, so I decided to make it for the season. I took the slip dress trend and used it with an evening bodycon dress, because isn't fashion all about pushing the boundaries and making it work for us? My favourite part is the scalloped detail and how the lavender contrasts against the black.

'because isn't fashion all about pushing the boundaries and making it work for us?'

Last week was busy, with lots of trips to the farm, which are very soon to be over. This week revision is kicking in again as I get ready for my pigs exam. If you follow me on snapchat (stilettocloud), you will have seen some cute videos of piglets. They are adorable, but boy can they scream, and it is very high pitched. I actually bring construction headphones with me on farm trips (I wish I was joking!). I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, as I have a Christmas Ball to attend, and I still don't know what I will wear (#girlproblems).