Summer Staples

H&M Dress | H&M Slides | Zara Bag

Last week was busy at work, but this week I'm only working a couple days. We are able to start going out a bit more, and I believe most shops are now open. However, there are so many rules and restrictions that honestly, I find it takes the fun out of it. So I'm trying to save some money and stay home a bit longer.

I wore this outfit on what may have been the hottest year in England so far. Definitely a great outfit for sightseeing somewhere really warm (think Greece or Spain). I love neutrals in general, but especially this natural basket woven material. I will warn you, the dress needed some extra sutures in place to stop it from flying open, so there is a reason it's so affordable.

I was introduced to a Chinese supermarket, and got the most amazing prawn dim sum! I don't eat meat, and sometimes it can be tricky to find only prawn or fish items in these places. It's also so easy to make, as they only require steaming for 10-15 minutes. Definitely my new obsession.

Picnic Walk

It seems lockdown in England is finally easing up, and I was able to meet a university friend in Surrey on Sunday. It was really sunny, and we wanted to book a National Trust to visit but they all need to be reserved now, and the slots go so quickly! So we went to the National Trust Swan Barn Walk, which is basically a lot of beautiful fields and meadows, and some woodlands. 

We took a picnic, and my friend Kelly made some really good prawn and avocado with mayonnaise wraps. I am definitely recreating them soon. I brought a fabulous chocolate cake and strawberries. Can you think of a better lunch? 

This outfit was perfect for the picnic, and my new bag very appropriate. We did change into walking leggings and trainers afterwards though!

In other news, I'm currently in the process of moving and have a month left at my current job. It's been a crazy time, and work hasn't stopped, but I'm ready for a holiday! I mean, who isn't?! 

Faux Fur Coat

Zara Faux Fur Coat | Zara Boots (similar) | Gucci Sunglasses (similar) | Furla Bag (similar) | Zara Trousers (similar) | M&S Gloves 

I am planning for this to my last Winter outfit on here, until the next one that is! I'm so ready for Summer, and I am meant to be going to Spain in a couple weeks but that looks increasingly unlikely. So, no tan for now! Hope everyone is able to make the most of this situation. I can't work from home as a vet, but totally jealous of those who have the flexibility to do so.

I loved the above outfit, it was perfect for walking around London. Simple, but really chic and very comfortable and warm. Can it be Summer already? Pretty please.

Cotswolds: Bibury

Zara Faux Fur Vest (similar) | Primark Jumper (old - similar) | Furla Bag (similar) | All Saints Jeans | Zara Boots (similar)

Here's another quick post from the Cotswolds! Bibury was such a lovely village, with the loveliest tea room run by a family. They served home made soup and sandwiches too! Located opposite the river, you can't miss it.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I'm very ready for the rain to just stop now. Also I'm currently in a serious declutter and organize mood, and it's extending into my digital life too. Very satisfying! 

Cotswolds: Castle Combe

Zara Coat | Bag (borrowed from my mum) | All Saints Jeans | H&M Boots (old - similar

Do you ever try so hard for things to be 'perfect', it has the result of completely stumping you into doing nothing? That's how I feel about my blog sometimes, and even more so Instagram. So, although I take photos more frequently, I find myself then struggling to post them. Usually it has to do with the grid not looking cohesive enough, and therefore I feel there needs to be a different photo to go before the one I want to post. This all adds up to zero posts. Anybody else feel like this? 

2020 is going to be such an exciting year, with lots of changes and travels! I'm really looking forward to sharing more on here, and taking you with me. 

The above shots are from December, I took my mum to the Cotswolds as a Christmas gift. It was somewhere she really yearned to go, and to be honest I really wanted to also! We stayed at De Vere Tortworth Hotel, which was beautiful and in a great location to visit some of the towns.