July 29, 2016

Athleisure & UPDATE

Mango Top (similar) | New Yorker Shorts (similar) | Deichmann Trainers (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar

Not all walk outfits need to be workout ones, and living in the countryside, I love to sometimes go for  walks in the fields and forests around me. A pair of comfortable shorts and tank top paired with trainers are perfect for it. I am not into hiking, so when I say walk I mean leisurely stroll.

I'm currently writing this post from the car as my mother drives me to the clinic, where I am doing practice. I did my first surgery on Wednesday which was incredible and makes me so excited for the future. I really can't wait to become a vet.

I have decided to switch up my posting schedule to once a week, rather than twice. Simply put, I can't keep up with my current workload, while also producing the kind of quality content I would like. I really want to improve on my photography skills and spend more time styling outfits and scouting good locations. I will also be entering my final year as a vet student, and it will be extremely hectic. My plan, however, is to post weekly outfit posts and occasionally if I want to post something else (e.g.: travel, collage inspiration, etc), it will be a bonus. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy this blog as much as I do.

Have a great weekend! 

July 26, 2016

Bow Scarf

Scarf (similar) | H&M Top (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Zara Heels (similar) | Lazzaro Clutch (similar) | Trussardi Sunglasses (similar

This week I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Playing around with the items I already own to create an outfit that is unique is what inspired me to start this blog in the beginning. I love the scarf tied in a bow at a back, adding a touch of colour and unexpectedness. I also really like how the front is a choker style which fits in perfectly with the current trend. 

I hope you are all having a good start to the week. I am spending the next few weeks doing clinic practice. It's always such a great reminder of why I study so hard all year, and knowing I am getting closer and closer to becoming a vet. 

July 22, 2016

Sunflower Fields

Zara Top (similar) | Zara Shorts (similar) | Michael Kors Bag (outlet) | Hugo Boss Loafers (similar) | Asos Sunglasses

One of the beautiful things about summer in Austria, are the sunflowers. It's something I didn't have living in the Canaries. Last year,  I tried to shoot outfits with them several times, but only succeeded once (see here), because they turn their heads down when the sun goes down. I usually shoot outfits in the evenings, when the sun isn't as bright. Luckily, this year I have my canon camera and I can regulate the lighting, so it was easier to take photos.

On another note, I have started working on my dissertation and it's so hard to have to get back into being school productive. All I want to do is go somewhere tropical and lie on the beach all day, preferably sipping a cocktail and with a good book. I hope your summer looks more like this :).