Day in the Countryside (& the most handsome dog)

Mango Jumper (similar here & identical here!) / Zara Trousers / Tommy Hilfiger (very similar)

Happy Sunday! I drove up to the Newmarket area yesterday to visit a friend. It was gorgeous, and she lives in a beautiful village, the whole area being surrounded by thatched cottages and meadows. It was a true Escape to the Country. Newmarket is famous for it's horses and hosts races throughout most of the Summer. We took a walk up one of the racetracks, with her very handsome German Pointer. Obviously he steals the shots! 

Today, I think I will go to the gym and possibly look into getting the newer iPhone, because I'll be in Dorset next weekend, and it would be so lovely if I could get some good quality shots to share.

Update: Where have I been?

Hi! It's been a while, and some things have happened (mostly work related) but I have visited a few of my favourite places this year also. I never intended to stop blogging when I moved back to the UK and started working as a vet, but it just got so busy, and I think I needed to focus 100% of my attention on  actually trying to be a vet. Do you know what I mean? 

Anyway, things have finally settled, and I have come to really enjoy my job, and not live every moment in fear. But, I have missed blogging a lot! I sold my Canon camera, because I felt it was too bulky and whenever I would go into London or travel (hand luggage only please) I found I wouldn't bring it. So, new plan. I'm hoping to get a new phone in the next few months (the iPhone XS) and use that for my blog photos also. Ultimately I just want to return to sharing my love of fashion and show you my outfits, because between the last time I blogged and now my wardrobe has seen to an upgrade. 

Below are a few snaps from my recent trip to Tenerife: 

Zara Top (similar style, different colour options)|Zara Jeans (similar)Havaianas |Gucci Sunglasses (similar)|Furla Bag (similar|Swarovski Earrings (similar)

I may or may not have gone sort of blonde, and I really like it!

Favourite dish: garlic prawns. I got these at the Meson el Monasterio in the North of the island, highly recommend if you visit!

Zara Top (similar)|Zara Jeans (similar)|Tommy Hilfiger Flats (similar)|Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Pre-blonde days. I miss that view!

Boat trip to see the whales, it was incredible! 

Missguided Dress (similar here & here)

Missguided Swimsuit (similar here & here)|Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Puma Top (similar)|Under Armour Leggings (similar)|Adidas Trainers (similar)|Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Hike in the mountains, with spectacular views of Mount Teide. 

A glimpse of what driving around the island can look like, the locals have no idea how lucky they are!

Primark Parka Disney Bow|Adidas Trainers (similar)|Under Armour Leggings (similar)

I also got to re-visit my favourite place in the entire world, bar none! Disneyland Paris. It's so easy to get to on the Eurostar from London, I wish I could afford to go every weekend, because I so would. 

Primark Parka|Adidas Trainers (similar)|Under Armour Leggings (similar)

Outside the Ratatouille attraction, it was far better than I expected, with a 3D ride (or do they call it 4D?)  

The beautiful ferry boat and the Haunted Mansion in the background (was closed for refurbishment, but I hear just re-opened, obviously just need to go back ASAP).

F&F Ski Suit|Zara Scarf (similar)

And a quick trip home to Austria for Christmas. I'm hoping to do a proper ski trip next year, maybe France? Although I did really like the slopes at Semmering, and it's less than a couple hours from Vienna. Very convenient. 

Well, that's all! I hope to get back to posting regularly again in the next couple of months. 

Blue on Denim

Zara Shirt (similar styles here & here) | Stradivarius Jeans | JJsHouse Booties | Zara Bag

Happy Easter weekend! I hope you are all having a wonderful time off. I watched the new Peter Rabbit movie, and although you may think it's just for kids, it really funny and I can't recommend it enough. 

In other news, is anybody else so over this Winter? My paleness is on another level. Although I am very excited about having found the perfect ankle booties. I love the pearl detail in the heel, and I searched all over google to find a pair that would arrive in a somewhat timely manner, and still be affordable. They even turned out comfortable, score!

Do you have any plans to head somewhere warm soon? I am heading back to Austria for a few days in a month, but sadly I don't have high expectations for sunny weather there. 

Tenerife 2018

Zara Scarf (similar here & here) | M&S Gloves | Zara Jeans (similar here & here) | Jumper (similar) | Adidas Trainers  

Last month I was able to head to my home island of Tenerife. I love how it's more affordable to visit from London, and it was so nice to catch up with my friends. I even visited some of my old teachers from school. The weather held up well, despite the cold weeks they were having. I am hoping I will be able to go back again this Summer. Above are some shots from my visit. 

January Layers

Zara Jumper (similar options) | Zara Scarf (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar) | H&M Boots (similar) | Quay Sunglasses (similar) | Zara Bag (not that similar, but gorgeous!

Who else is happy January is on it's way out? Although the weather has been an improvement from previous years spent in Slovakia and Austria, it hasn't exactly been tropical (my kind of weather). I have been living in jumpers, and battling cold after cold. This colour combination is one of my favourites, and I do love a good neutral on neutral. This outfit was incredibly cosy, and I wore it to cycle around London (along with a coat, of course!). 

How has the first month of 2018 been for you?